has provided Chinese investors with a large number of Japan high-quality real estate inv

2016-12-05 18:19  来源: has provided Chinese investors with a large number of Japan high-quality real estate investment projects

China's large overseas real estate website recently reports, data of cooperation intermediary agencies shows that, as of October this year, average house price in Tokyo, especially the downtown, has grown for three consecutive years; of which, the house price in six central districts in 2015 had an average increase of 15%. Data of Bank of Japan shows that, in the six months from April to September this year, Japan's real-estate lending increased 16% than the same period of last year, to 5.9 trillion yen ($ 53.94 billion), which exceeds the lending peak before the bursting of the real estate bubble in 1989.

The data research director of said, in looking at the future real estate market, we need to understand the reasons behind the growth to determine whether the momentum of this growth trend can be sustained. A number of local cooperation agencies in Japan told, in fact, since the determination of the 2020 Olympic Games held in Tokyo, the market has given high expectations to the market effect on the Olympic Games and pushed up the house price, so this trend is sustained at least in the next four years.

In addition, the exchange rate also makes Japanese real estate more attractive. The data research director of said, after Trump was elected president of the United States, the yen against the RMB was depreciated quickly. In the week after Trump was elected president of the United States, the yen against the RMB was depreciated about 6%. In this week, the number of visitors in Japan channel of was doubled. A lot of wait-and-see people had stretched out their hand to seize this low exchange rate opportunity.

Besides, the Japanese government encourages the expansion of overseas tourists is also a major factor in house price. The Japanese government said, foreign tourists is targeted to increase to 40 million to 2020. The influx of a large number of tourists will promote the general housing investment for the admission of foreign tourists, making the income far more than the general rental housing, that will get investors' attention.

The operation manager of told the reporter, more Japanese real estate companies entered the mainland China market in the second half of 2016, making the housing online sale of increased significantly in recent months. The housing projects were selected by the experienced Japanese real estate enterprises in accordance with the characteristics of Chinese investors, to improve the return on investment ensuring the safety of funds.

The screenshot of Baidu Analytics

The data research director of provided Tencent real estate access to its visitor data. According to the statistics from Baidu, currently attracts more than 700,000 visitors from mainland China per month, including almost 160,000 individual visitors (excluding overseas) mainly from Guangdong, Beijing, Shanghai, etc. Visitors from Shanghai accounts for nearly 40% of Japan channel. said, received nearly half of the Japanese real estate consulting from the Shanghai region. From the characteristics of domain name, the northern Chinese population are more inclined to the Japanese and European real estate.

The business manager of told the reporter, the offline oversea property exhibition of are mainly in three major cities Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Japan becomes a key channel of since the heat in the second half of the year. Japan hopes to show more high-quality Japanese investment projects to the Chinese investors through, and become a important channel for the preservation and appreciation of RMB.

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